Ensi Logistics

Manages logistics processes in ecommerce, making logistics transparent and customizable.
Ensi Logistics — система, которая управляет логистическими данными в реальном времени
Ensi Logistics is a system that manages logistics data in real time: it organizes the delivery of products to customers, manages the logistics between the seller and the marketplace, manages the company’s own courier service.
Challenges Ensi Logistics solves
Shipping rates in regions
Manageable shipping rates in different regions.
First and last miles
Ensi Logistics enables allocation of delivery tasks between logistics operators and couriers.
Several deliveries in one order
Ensi Logistics orchestrates the delivery from different sellers and warehouses to one customer, and supports consolidation.
Own courier service
Ensi Logistics manages the company's own couriers, assigns deliveries, and prioritizes orders in the optimal way.
Full and partial returns
Ensi Logistics automates the returning to a warehouse or a seller, supports deconsolidation.
Status update
The store and the customer know where the order is now and when it will be delivered to its destination.
Mixed schemes
Ensi Logistics can work with fulfillment and drop-shipping services, long tail providers, and the company’s own courier service simultaneously.
Ensi Logistics prepares accompanying documents for picking up, shipping, and returns.
Who uses Ensi Logistics?
Order Managers
To retrieve order delivery data.
Contact Center Operators
To inform the customer about the status of the order and any changes in product delivery.
To obtain addresses and build an optimal route.
To have products ready just in time for departure to the marketplace distribution center or directly to the customer.
Marketplace managers
To pick up products from sellers and deliver them to customers subsequently.
Warehouse staff
To perform receiving and dispatching of goods, consolidation and deconsolidation.
To monitor metrics and maintain performance standards of logistics processes.
Ensi Logistics collects
Logistics operator data
Additional services, restrictions, pick-up times, documents and reports.
Shipping rates and Shipping zones
Shipping rates for zones, shipping rates for regions, terms and conditions for pickup points and post offices.
Status system
Statuses from different systems are correlated and confined to a single system, and depending on the user’s role the relevant status is shown.
Shipment data
Lists of items and sellers, designated logistics operators or couriers.
Planned metrics are set up for sellers and logistics operators for performance monitoring.
Customizable for your business processes
There are many standard solutions which will make you rebuild the internal processes of the company. Our goal is to provide a tool for supporting the existing processes.
Service-oriented architecture
An independent application that integrates into the existing ecommerce solution or is deployed from scratch in a new project. It integrates with any external and internal systems.
The system will calculate the delivery time, select the optimal logistics operator, create documents, monitor the metrics, and build the optimal route for couriers.


01 · Status models
Ensi Logistics. Логистика, статусы доставки
Each order has a current status. The system combines and correlates the statuses from different operators, confines them to one system, and transmits to all participants in the workflow, depending on the role.
02 · Role Models
Ensi Logistics supports simultaneous operation by marketplace employees, sellers, order managers, couriers, pickup point employees. It transmits data to Customer accounts and other storefronts.
03 · Tracking orders
The system monitors the order status, and transmits information to employees and the customer. It is enough to know the order number or the customer’s phone number to track the order from the storefront.
Ensi Logistics. Логистика, трекинг заказа
04 · Delivery time formula
The service calculates the time for order picking, takes into account the operating schedule of the seller’s warehouse and the distribution center, the cutoff time for picking, and learns the terms of delivery from the logistics operators. The output is a total period for which the store will ship the product to the customer in the chosen town or city or will be able to complete the order picking for in-store pickup.
Ensi Logistics. Логистика, расчёт времени доставки
05 · Time slots
In Ensi Logistics, you can assign time slots for delivery and pickup. It is taken into account when sorting and picking orders, calculating delivery and pick-up times, assigning orders to couriers, and building routes.
Ensi Logistics. Логистика, слоты погрузки
06 · Managing own couriers
Ensi Logistics enables sorting and distribution of orders, accounting of weight, delivery dates and additional services.
Ensi Logistics builds the optimal route depending on the delivery locations and the time slots.
Communication with customers
Ensi Logistics will send the customer a notification with the time of the courier’s arrival and the courier’s contacts.
Trying on and partial return
The system can manage trying on and partial return, the courier will enter this data on the spot using a smartphone, and will accept payment for the items that fit.
Accepting payments by card using the payment terminal, accepting cash.
Monitoring and metrics
Oder delivery statistics, information about the courier and his location, communication, checking metrics.
07 · Working in marketplace
Picking up items from the seller's warehouse
The system will check the availability, operating schedule of the warehouse, the preferred delivery method, and create a dispatch request.
Consolidation in DC
In the distribution center, items from different sellers will be combined into one order and transported to the next link of the delivery chain.
Reverse logistics
Return of items to the distribution center, deconsolidation and inspection of products. Return of defective products to the seller and documentation.

Ready-made solution (RU) →
Individual shipping rates
Sellers are assigned individual shipping rates for delivery of products between their warehouses and the distribution center.
Seller account
Sellers track shipments in the Seller account, can see cancellations, returns, and dashboard reports on Logistics for the time period specified.
08 · Shipping rates for zones
Ensi Logistics supports zonal shipping rates with individual parameters for each zone.
Ensi Logistics. Логистика, тарифы и тарификация
09 · Transportation leg planning
Ensi Logistics. Логистика, плечо доставки
If necessary, configure the transportation leg for each shipment: choose operators or your own delivery service at different shipping stages.
10 · Analytics
Managers can analyze the general logistics metrics. It includes delivered orders, cancellations and returns, average delivery times and costs. The analytics has filters for sellers, logistics operators, storefronts and customer segments.
Ensi Logistics. Логистика, аналитика
Functionalities are tailored for a specific e-commerce business and enhanced in line with business processes.


The solution is integrated with logistics operators and warehouse systems. It is the responsibility of our Ensi Sync synchronization service.
Logistics operators
Calculating shipping costs and delivery times depending on the dimensions and weight of the shipment; picking up and transportation of goods.
Parcel lockers
Checking locker availability, the dimensions and weight of the parcel, locker booking.
Post offices
Calculating costs and times of delivery to regions and tracking of parcels.
Consolidation and deconsolidation, sorting and distribution of goods by logistics operators or couriers.
3PL operators
Integration of a turnkey logistics outsourcing solution with your ecommerce store.
Pick-up points
Checking pickup availability, assigning the optimal time and method of delivery.
Customers receive information about the delivery of orders in their accounts, from contact center operators, at pickup locations, in a mobile application, through a messenger, an SMS, and an e-mail. The system works in offline locations: the seller can submit a request for the transportation of a particular product from one store to another through the terminal. Real-time data will be available at any touchpoint integrated with the system.
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