Ensi Offers

Manages product offers.
Ensi Offers collects information from services and forms an offer: a physically existing product in a particular location at a certain price.
Item inventory
Physical availability of products at sellers and marketplace locations.
Product content
SKUs, descriptions, characteristics and media files.
The final price of the offer is formed taking into account the discount submitted by the Marketing service.
Prices from sellers
The marketplace and the sellers create finished offers by setting prices for products.
Who uses Offers?
To manage their own offers and have overall control over inventory and prices.
Regional stores and marketplace sellers keep track of availability and price.
To create discounts on products and apply discounts to total.
Warehouse staff
To manage and update inventory at warehouses.


01 · Price management
With the help of the service, employees can manage the price of a product offer. Bulk editing of inventory items and import of prices from a third-party file are supported.
02 · Identical items
В зависимости от специфики бизнеса, Offers по разному работает с товарами одного артикула:
One offer for identical products
Identical items from different sellers are combined into one offer with the best price and availability.
Different offers for identical products
Identical items from different sellers become different offers — the customer on the storefront decides himself whose product to buy.
03 · Safety stock
The easiest way to avoid ordering products that have run out of stock is to set up a safety stock. It acts as a threshold for the number of items when the product starts to display as unavailable.
Ensi Offers allows setting up two types of safety stock, depending on the business type:
It can include multiple indicators: percentage of the total stock, price range, demand, seasonality.
The percent of the total stock in the location.
Safety stock can be configured for individual products, categories, or the entire store.
04 · Inventory update
Ensi Offers tracks data from services and updates inventory quantities and prices on the storefronts on a schedule. If necessary, you can schedule an update once a day for the website and once an hour for a mobile application, and import data from a warehouse or other source once every 30 minutes.
05 · User roles
Depending on the assigned roles, users get individual access to view and edit offers. Several employees can use the system simultaneously.
06 · Multi-location
An offer can have such attributes as location (warehouse) and region. In this case, the customer sees the current stock at the nearest location. At the same time, you can set a single price for the product in all regions.
07 · Multicurrency
The service supports multiple currencies, i.e. product prices can be set in different currencies. Ensi Offers receives updated exchange rates of popular currencies for conversion via API with the use of the Sync service.
08 · Low stock notifications
Ensi Offers forecasts stock-outs based on the sales history. The system gives notifications about low stock and the need to replenish it.
09 · Exporting Offers
In conjunction with the Feed service, you can specify options for exporting a file with product offers to external channels: marketplaces, aggregators, advertising systems.

The file can be downloaded manually or accessed via a link. In the latter case, the file will be updated every time a third-party service accesses it.

A static file can be used for importing into a third-party program, for example, 1C: Enterprise, or for loading into the advertising system.
10 · Price analytics
Built for analyzing prices of products sold on the storefront, the tool suggests the average price of a specific product, and warns of over- or underpricing. Prices can be tracked over time.
In conjunction with the Sync service, third-party systems are connected to analyze prices on popular marketplaces and online stores. This feature helps in implementing the Best Price Guarantee program or making the lowest offer on the market.
The service is configured for a specific ecommerce business and enhanced in line with business processes.


The solution seamlessly integrates with external services and corporate systems. It is the responsibility of our Ensi Sync synchronization service.
External services
Warehouse systems
To get inventory data from different warehouses.
Corporate systems
To obtain data from various enterprise systems (ES).
Analytics systems
To analyze prices from different sources.
Exchange quotations
To access up-to-date exchange rates for multicurrency support.
Integration with internal services
Product content and SKUs.
Applying discounts to items in a final offer.
Important notifications: low stock message, notice of exceeding price limits.
Exporting offers by uploading to a file.
Ensi Offers collects information from all connected sources: regional stores, marketplace sellers, own warehouses. It ensures relevant data across all touchpoints with customers.
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