Ensi PIM

Built for centralized enrichment of the product content. It collects information about products in a single place and distributes data to multiple sales channels.
Ensi PIM (Product Information Management — управление информацией о продукте)
PIM (Product Information Management) is a place where information about all products of the ecommerce store is collected. The information includes descriptions, characteristics, media, brands, categories and other data that your business requires.
Who uses PIM?
Content managers
To manage characteristics and attributes, brands and product catalog structure.
Copywriters and translators
To add an enhanced description in different languages.
To upload media content directly to the product page.
To export a product feed to marketplaces and aggregators.
To manage marketing offers with product selections.
To maintain control over the quality of information delivery across different channels and to moderate data.
Viable business models
Manage own product catalogs for further publication in different channels.
Collect data from different manufacturers and transmit it across sales channels.
Feature own sales channels and a wide range of products.
Accumulate data from different sources.
Get product feeds from different sellers and combine them in one place.
PIM collects
Various dimension metrics and ingredients.
Media content
Photos, videos, instructions.
Short descriptions, questions and answers, enhanced descriptions from the manufacturer.
Category nesting and sorting, catalog structure, multi- and cross-categories.
Language Versions
Descriptions for multilingual websites.
Customizable for your business processes
There are many standard solutions which will make you rebuild the internal processes of the company. Our goal is to provide a tool for supporting the existing processes.
Service-oriented architecture
An independent application that integrates into the existing ecommerce solution or is deployed from scratch in a new project. It integrates with any external and internal systems.
Not limited to product content in the accepted sense
PIM can store information about services, hotel rooms, excursions, real estate, and other structured data.


01 · Status models
Ensi PIM - статусные модели
The product data lifecycle from creating a page to its publishing on the storefront has different steps. Each step comes with a current status depending on the readiness.
02 · User roles
Ensi PIM enables enriching product pages by manufacturers, content managers, photostudios and shift admins. Several people can work with a product at the same time.
03 · Attributes and reference entities
Product categories comprise product data models with a set of attributes. Each model encompasses required and optional attributes depending on the type of a product, batching, packaging, materials and modifications. In order to reconcile the structure of attributes from different sellers their mapping is performed.
Ensi PIM (Product Information Management — управление информацией о продукте) - атрибуты
04 · Category management
Categories are created and edited, and attributes are bound in the administrative part or through import.

There is no restriction on the structure and the level of nesting. Editing of several categories at once is supported.
Ensi PIM (Product Information Management — управление информацией о продукте) - категории
05 · Data import
The product database is updated one-time or according to a schedule. It is possible due to Sync synchronization service.

An employee will onboard information about products from corporate systems, an external source or a file. All popular feed types are supported: API, YML, CSV, XLS, TXT.
Ensi PIM (Product Information Management — управление информацией о продукте) - синхронизация данных
06 · Media content
Create a photostudio account that allows adding tasks for photography and moderation.
Optimization for fast loading
Automatic resizing and optimization for instant loading, modern image formats.
Video content
Embed videos from popular video hosting sites using a link.
07 · Multilingualism
PIM provides localized fields for multilingual support. The results of the translators' work can be moderated, the access rights are defined by the administrator.
08 · Change control
A change history for each product is at hand: actions are logged and displayed in the history. This protects against accidental errors: you can always revert to a previous version.
Ensi PIM (Product Information Management — управление информацией о продукте) - логирование
09 · Checking readiness for publishing
Each product has its own readiness scale: its display depends on the completeness of the information. The more data is filled in, the more the product is ready for publishing.
Ensi PIM (Product Information Management — управление информацией о продукте) - проверка контента
Functionalities are tailored for a specific ecommerce business and enhanced in line with business processes.


The solution seamlessly integrates with external services and corporate systems. It is the responsibility of our Ensi Sync synchronization service.
ERP and IMS, WMS (inventory/warehouse management systems)
Import and automatic update of data from existing systems via API, feeds or files.
Cloud storage and image hosting websites
Import and allocation of media content in the catalog structure.
Sales channels
Distribute product data to a wide variety of output channels (mobile apps, kiosks, social networks, printed catalogs) using feeds, files or API.
Export of data to a third-party marketplace or an aggregator and continuous data update.
Omnichannel publishing
Customers expect an omnichannel approach to choose a product in a mobile app, explore it in an online store, and buy it offline. Or vice versa. Hence, product content from a single source is personalized to multiple formats and delivered to all sales channels in real-time.


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