Ensi Units

Manages internal and external business units.
Ensi Units is a software solution for managing structural business units in ecommerce: stores, warehouses, sellers and subsidiaries.
A business unit is a designated organizational structure or division of a company that features its own data structure and separate business processes.
Business units in e-commerce
Marketplace sellers
Companies offering their products on the marketplace storefronts.
Own marketplace locations and warehouses of selling partners.
Offline Stores
Stores with in-store pickup.
Pick-up points
Locations where customers can collect orders.
Other structures depending on the business
Hotels, business centers, regional branches, car washes, game clubs, food stalls.
Viable business models
Connecting sellers, managing their statuses, ratings and commissions, inventory data.
A network of offline points of sale, warehouses and suppliers.
Inventory data for shipping products.
Ensi Units collects
Contact information, names and addresses.
Working hours
Shipping and operating schedules for warehouses and stores.
Ratings of suppliers and sellers.
Administrators, managers, couriers, marketplace content managers.
Cutoff time for ordering, cutoff times for order pickers, warehouse operating schedules.
Company details
Legal information about business units.
Marketplace seller commission rate.
There are many standard solutions which will make you rebuild the internal processes of the company. Our goal is to provide a tool for supporting the existing processes.
Service-oriented architecture
An independent application that integrates into the existing ecommerce solution or is deployed from scratch in a new project. It integrates with any external and internal systems.
Support for any organizational structure
Any hierarchy and data types to automate business unit processes.


01 · Seller registration
Ensi Units receives registration forms from new sellers to connect to the marketplace. Upon approval of registration, the service keeps the following information about sellers: company details, warehouses, operating schedules and other data.
02 · Seller management
Marketplace administrators set commissions for sellers and schedules for storage and delivery. All data on sellers and new registration forms are at hand.
03 · Seller rating
Seller rating management based on the quality of customer interaction: handling requests, cancellations and warranty returns.

Ratings affect product popularity in the marketplace.
04 · Seller account
In conjunction with other internal services, a seller account is created. Sellers fill and edit the data on their own.
05 · User roles
Several employees can use the service simultaneously: sellers on the marketplace, store managers, pickup point employees, warehouse managers.

The seller account provides for adding employees and assigning roles.
06 · Multi-warehouse
The service allows creating any number of warehouses, both your own and partner ones. Each warehouse is assigned the pick-up times and the cutoff time for picking orders.
Ensi Units allows setting up different schemes to work with warehouses:
Several warehouses for one seller
Seller's products are stored in different warehouses or in different regions.
Seller's own warehouse
A seller's warehouse with adjustable hours of shipping to the marketplace.
Marketplace's own warehouses
Several or one warehouse or a distribution center for the work with a fulfillment service.
07 · Offline stores and pickup points
Stores and locations responsible for storage, picking orders and order pickup service have their own settings for pickup parameters, returns acceptance and order picking time.
08 · Setting the commission
Ensi Units manages commission rates for sellers: the total commission, commission on the product groups, brand, category or a specific product. Commission reports are generated.
Functionalities are tailored for a specific ecommerce business and enhanced in line with business processes.


By means of a set of universal connectors Sync, the tool integrates with popular external services that extend the basic functionality:
ERP systems
To update data and manage documents.
Accounting systems
To make payments to seller, less commission.
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